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Soft, Soothing, and Safe: Why Sheepskin Rugs are the Perfect Gift for Baby Showers

Looking for a safe, soft place for your little ones to lounge and play? Hetti Rugs’ sheepskin baby rugs make the perfect addition to any nursery—not to mention ideal baby shower gifts! Versatile, easy to care for, and comfy all year long, sheepskin rugs are the baby’s best companion. Read on to find out more about Hetti Rugs’ premium baby rugs and hear from happy parents!

The soft warmth and comfort of our Yeti sheepskin rug will be the perfect baby shower gift. The Yeti White features a high-quality, natural white sheepskin with low to no shedding.

Versatile and Stylish

Sheepskin baby rugs instantly increase the cozy factor in any nursery—but they aren’t just relegated to baby’s room. Moms and dads rave about how well sheepskin works in strollers and car seats, keeping baby equally comfy on neighborhood walks or out on errands. And no matter the weather, sheepskin keeps babies comfortable year-round, thanks to its temperature-regulating nature and breathability. Cuddled up on a sheepskin rug, your little one stays insulated on chilly days and moisture-free on hot ones.

How many baby accessories can you say add style to the home? Here’s one at the top of the list! Not only do infants love to roll around on the plush, cushiony surface of our sheepskin baby rugs, but parents enjoy the rugs’ sophisticated yet rustic coziness—popularly characterized by the Danish term “hygge”—that sheepskin décor lends to the home.

My daughter Agatha loves plucking and playing with the sheepskin, luckily the natural hardiness of the fibres means that it's still good as new and the fur dense as ever!


The Snowball White is a cozy, thick rug that will provide the perfect amount of softness and coziness to newborn babies.

Safe, Gentle, Practical

It’s safe for your infant to explore when lying or sitting on a Hetti Rugs sheepskin baby rug. Specially sanitized for bacteria germs, the rug’s natural fibers provide a surface for sensory play without worry—a benefit during the inevitable put-everything-in-mouth phase. Gentle on skin and free of chemicals, our natural sheepskin baby rugs are certified by OEKO-TEX, offering parents extra assurance.

Besides being naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on babies’ delicate, sensitive skin, Hetti Rugs sheepskin baby rugs are machine washable, making them ultra-convenient for busy moms and dads. Did tummy time get a little messy? No worries! Toss the rug in the washer—it won’t lose any of its characteristic softness and luster.

Highly recommend the Yeti White, the fur is luscious and comfortable, my dog loves it too!


We bought a large Icelandic sheepskin for our families newest addition, twins! Turns out it's the only way they can keep them quiet! After doing my research it's clear that a lot of people find the natural qualities of sheepskin are perfect for relaxing children.


The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Want to make your favorite set of parents-to-be endlessly happy? Give your expectant friends and family members the joy of cozy comfort by getting them a sheepskin baby rug as a baby shower present. With soft woolen fibers that soothe and settle even the fussiest infants, sheepskin is a natural source of comfort and security for new babies, making it the perfect baby gift.

Bought the Brown Cappuccino Mouflon for my sister and she loves it! It goes perfectly with her farm-chic Colorado home and her little girl is now 1 and still loves to sit and play on it!


Wonderfully soft, safe, and versatile, our sheepskin baby rugs are an infant-care essential. Whether used on the playroom floor, draped over the crib in the nursery, lining the car seat, or tucked into the stroller, a sheepskin helps baby feel secure and comforted from morning ’til night. Get one for your own little one, or give them to all your expectant friends and relatives as the perfect baby shower gift. Check out Hetti Rugs’ baby rug styles today!

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